This is Medium Duck. Here you see him all cleaned up. I found him while biking up Market Street. I happened to see a small blot of brown that had been run over so many times I couldn't tell he was a duck until after his bath.

This is Gracie's Girl.

She is also known as G.G. or Big Dog! She was found on a cold day in the rain, with no stuffing, just a soggy pile of fur in a tree box on California Street. She was a real mess and needed a full bath and a lot of new stuffing. Here she is in the tub.

Guy Rescue and Rehabilitation League

We can all help!

Everybody can help save Guys! As we all go about our days -  school...work...errands...a walk... riding a bike down the street -  we find Guys All The Time! That's where Rule #1 comes in...and what is Rule #1?

Rule # 1:

1. You cannot walk by a lost Guy on the street and leave him or her behind.

All found Guys must be rescued and rehabilitated.

What this means: cleaning up the Guy, doing any mending or re-stuffing required, asking them their name, and introducing them to the other Guys at your house.

This can mean bringing home more Guys than you have room for. (Look at all our the Guys at the bottom of the                              page!) One solution we have found to an overflow of Guys is to ask for Guy Volunteers to go to the Annual Christmas Toy Drive that the Fire Department runs every year in our town. That way a Guy gets to help a kid that needs a friend, and we have more room to rescue new Guys that need help.

From time to time we will put up new pictures of our Rescued Guys with their stories.

Meanwhile, here a few of the Rescue Guys and a little bit of their stories, including Pruch, the new Guy that arrived quite recently! I sewed her smile back on--it had almost been ripped entirely off.

Guys left on the street have it tough. Often they need work to get them back together, and it is fun and rewarding to help a Guy get fixed up. But it's worth it: that Guy will love you for ever!

This Guy is so cute, how could he ever be left behind? But he was left on the street and of course we brought him home. He said his name is Brian.

Pruch with her smile back in working order.

Pruch showed up in my mailbox one day!

Guys can show up anywhere! This Guy, Pruch, was sent to me by my friend from Portland, Oregon. Pruch had a tough life and my friend rescued her from a muddy parking lot. She needed a lot of fixing up, and a good bath.