Elizabeth The Treasure Hunter   by Felice Holman

Elizabeth and her father spend a really fun day on the beach looking for treasure, and they actually find some! This book has really good pictures, too.

The Wizard of Oz   by L. Frank Baum

The movie made from this book happens to be a good one, but the book that inspired the movie is even better. There are a lot of adventures that were left out of the movie, and you get to spend a lot more time in the Land of Oz with Dorothy and her friends. And guess what?! There are 14 books about Oz, not just the first one.

A look at the inside pages of Pepper & Salt, just because the drawings are so great. The book is FULL of great drawings like these.

Wind In The Willows   by Kenneth Grahame

This book is another one of the best books ever, and is wa-ay better than the movie. You can't believe the fun in getting to know Ratty and Mole as they really are, rather than the distorted characters they became in the movie. If you don't read any other book ever, you should read this one.

Stuart Little   by E. B. White

This exciting book is always a good read, and like all these books, is fun to read aloud. Stuart is a little mouse who leaves home and goes off by himself to have a lot of great adventures. E. B. White is a wonderful writer, and older people will also enjoy reading his many great essays. 

Books We Love!

Reading is the Best!

There is no better fun than getting lost in the world of a good story. Luckily, there are a lot of great books out there. Look below for books that the Guys particularly love to read. There are also some books that Bubb first read when she was growing up.

"Kinda long time ago, Bubb!"

Thanks for reminding me, Bunz. But hey! Don't you love books as much as I do?

"Impossible, Bubb!"

Sometimes "They" make a book into a movie, but trust me - the movie is (almost) never as good as the book, plus usually the movie-makers leave out a ton of good stuff that is in the book. Our favorite NEW AND USED BOOKSTORE in San Francisco is


Have some fun reading today!

Mr. Peaceable Paints   by Leonard Weisgard

Mr. Peaceable is a sign painter. He lives in a town called Eagle's Landing, and he paints all the signs for the shop keepers in town. Somebody steals Mr. George Lion's sign for his inn, and Mr. Peaceable helps him find out who did it.

The Silver Dandelion   by Robert Kraus

This book is one of those small books that are fun to read just because they are so little. But plus, the story about Roger looking for dandelions is a good one. This is the book that Webster reads to the Guys in the story Along Came Webster. That story is on the                   page.

Pepper & Salt or Seasoning for Young Folk   by Howard Pyle

The stories in this book are very different from a lot of books you might read. It is full of good magic and the illustrations are tops.  This is how the stories start out:

"Here, my little man, you may hold my cap and bells, and you, over there, may hold my bauble! Now, then, I am ready to talk as a wise man should and am a giddy-pated jester no longer!"

And then the stories start!

The Pink Motel   by Carol Ryrie Brink

The Pink Motel is in Florida, where the Mellons move after Mrs. Mellon's great uncle dies and leaves his motel to her. The Mr. and Mrs. Mellon are not so keen to go to Florida, but the kids, Kirby and Bitsey, really love it there and have a good time meeting the strange people who stay at the motel and the alligators who live nearby.   


A good place to look for books is at the Public Library, and joining the Library is free and taking out the books is free as long as you return them on time. If you are lucky enough to have a local used bookstore, that is another good place to browse around and look for new stuff to read. And ask the owner. They always know a lot about books. Another place for good used books is AbeBooks.com.

More Ant and Bee   by Angela Banner

This is the book Webbie is reading in the picture of him on the                  page. This book is a collector's item now, but if you can find a copy it is a fun little kid's book to read and has great illustrations as Ant and Bee travel all over the place.  We are thinking of putting it up on the full website so you can see how fun it is.