Bike Guy riding on the Bay ferry.


Sharon made this Guy, using a nail and a lot of gold paint!

Their working buddies in the next window, enjoying the sunny afternoon.

A happy cow traveling on the Bay ferry.

Working Guys in a store window, with friends.

Tom and Fridolin, visiting from Germany.

Texas Guy with a Christmas job.

Do you have a buddy or a Guy‚Äč?

There are Guys all over the place, if you look! Guys on vacation, Guys at work, Guys living in cars or on the street. You may have a Guy at home, or one that goes with you everywhere.

We will put up new pictures of the Guys we find. Or you could send us a photo of your Guy, and we can put it on the website. Sharon may have more Guys than we do! The Golden Guy is of one of them. And, we just met some Guys visiting from Germany!